What are the different types of bulbs in a car?

Before 1936, headlights were optional for cars on the road in France. It is an indispensable headlamp for driving at night, but also during the day. Essential for safety, these bulbs are equipped with a technology that has evolved faster than expected. From halogen lamps of the h1 12v or h1 55w type to laser lights. Find the different types of bulbs in a car.

Halogen bulbs, the most common

They are easily recognizable by the presence of a kind of grey hat and a cap. A halogen bulb is the most used because of its very affordable price. It is also very easy to replace it on some car models. In its structure, this bulb consists of a tungsten filament contained in a glass envelope. Thanks to the presence of electricity, the filament starts to heat up to produce light up to a range of about 100 meters. However, the filament can be broken due to the continuity of the heat. It is interesting to know that a halogen bulb lasts about a few months, but offers optimal visibility like the h1 philips version. It is important to handle this accessory carefully to avoid damage. In addition, there are many types of halogen bulbs: h1, H4 or H7 bulb which is the most common, click here to learn more about this.

LED headlights, the versatile models

LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs are the headlights used in most modern vehicles. They are especially useful for use when it is still daylight. Dipped headlights are required by regulation: it is necessary to have them, whatever the model, a h1 55w bulb or another bulb of the same category. The luminous flux generated by light-emitting diodes is approximately 3200 lumens, which is twice the output of a single h1 p14.5s bulb for example. This technology was first seen as the tail lights of a sports car of a major car brand. The performance of the lights reached 15 milliseconds in a single ignition. Then, the trend for LED headlights gradually invaded the market so that designers imagined several ways to design them.

Laser lights, the lamps of the future

Some time after the fashion for LED headlights caught on, laser lights are also gaining notoriety to take over the front grilles of modern cars. Two major leaders in the automotive world had the brilliant idea of creating a new and even more powerful form of lighting. This technology, however revolutionary, is undoubtedly the future of automotive lighting. This success is due to the lighting specialist Osram, who created the h1 osram. Compared to an LED bulb with a range of 300 metres, the laser headlamp can reach up to 600 metres. The brightness it provides is a thousand times more powerful. For its practicality, it does not necessarily require the use of optical blocks. All that is needed are laser diodes that are easily installed on the hood. At the moment, not all four-wheeled vehicles have yet integrated this high-tech system into their overall lighting.
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