Different types of motorcycle driving licences

There are several types of licences available to drive a motorcycle. Of course, you have to pass a test to obtain your motorcycle licence. The A2 licence is available from the age of 18. The type of licence depends on the power of the motorcycle and other criteria. Find out more about the types of licences for motorcycles.

How to get a motorcycle licence

In order to obtain a motorcycle driving licence, you must first take training courses. Go to a centre that offers motorcycle training. After the training courses, you can take the driving licence tests. There are different categories A1, A2 and A. You need an A licence to drive a motorbike with peace of mind. To take the A licence, you must have had an A2 licence for at least 2 years. Moreover, you have to be over 20 years old to take the A licence test.

Taking your motorcycle driving licence

With the motorcycle driving licence, you can drive everywhere with complete peace of mind and legally. It is necessary to pass your licence. The tests to obtain the motorcycle driving licence are carried out under the observation of an inspector. There are two parts to the tests, first the theoretical part and then the practical part. The training courses are to learn the answers to correctly answer all the questions. The theory is to find out whether the candidates are able to ride on the roads without endangering other road users.

The motorcycle driving licence

A motorcycle driving licence is essential to ride a motorcycle legally. But having a licence is not the only thing you need. It is necessary to take the necessary safety measures. To do so, you must wear a helmet to protect your head. Choose a helmet that protects all parts of your head, especially your neck. Wearing biker gloves may be essential. Bikers' jackets or pants are not mandatory, but they can save your life in the event of an accident. Even if you have to wear equipment, don't neglect training courses that allow you to master motorcycle riding.
How to control your motorcycle while riding fast?

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