Connected devices for motorcycles: buying guide

In order to make the most of his motorcycle rides and trips with his two wheels, these small devices can no longer be missed. Connected objects are currently invading our daily lives. All the objects we use in everyday life such as televisions, bracelets for sports, watches, video surveillance equipment, washing machines, in all areas (health, safety, hygiene, sport ...). Two-wheeled vehicles are no exception to this new technology, there is a wide variety dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts. These new technologies are flooding the market nowadays and we no longer know where to turn. Here are a few examples of connected devices for motorcycles, from the most obvious to the most innovative. This buying guide will help you find the right product and help you make a more conscientious choice.

Connected motorcycle gloves

A motorcyclist's wardrobe consists of helmet, jacket and the third basic piece of equipment. Since there are more and more connected objects even for motorcycle enthusiasts. Smart gloves are among the most popular, bringing together a number of practical options. From your smartphone, connected to wifi or Bluetooth, they allow you to control some elements of the bike such as turn signals and headlights through a motorcycle application. Each finger is therefore associated with an option. They can also warn you on corner entry by analysing your speed and alert you in case of immediate danger by means of vibrations. The applications on your smartphone can also be controlled by the gloves, so you can activate the camera or your Bluetooth headset without having to take your phone out each time.

Connecting smart motorcycle helmets

These helmets, which above all provide protection for the biker, now offer other options. E-Helmets seem to come out of a science fiction movie with their different functionalities. They facilitate communication between you, bikers, motorcycle helmet intercom systems have become useful gadgets since headsets are no longer allowed. To improve driving and avoid having to take out your smartphone every time, manufacturers have integrated a speaker and a microphone inside the helmet so you can make calls or just listen to music. Another feature of the smart helmet is the presence of cameras, either in front or behind. The rear camera sends a transparent video stream to the visor to monitor what's going on in the rear and especially to improve visibility, especially with regard to blind spots. The helmets also feature a motorcycle GPS tracker that is displayed on the visor without obscuring the biker's vision. Road signs and maximum speeds can be displayed at the same time as the GPS.

Connected motorcycle jackets

An indispensable piece of equipment for a biker is the jacket. Many people think that the jacket is just an accessory for a biker's look, it is above all a practical safety equipment for driving. It is a great ally in case of falls or bad weather. Today, there are connected jackets on the market that have motorcycle GPS trackers so that the biker can easily find his way around. These jackets integrate innovative guidance systems into their sleeves, the one on the right sleeve vibrates when it is necessary to turn right and vice versa. If both sleeves vibrate at the same time, you have to turn back. Other jackets have a geolocation system which, in the event of an accident, emits an emergency call.

The connected anti-theft device

A biker's worst nightmare would be to have his motorcycle stolen. Mainly because of their low weight compared to other vehicles, motorcycles get stolen more often. The connected motorcycle alarm has an artificial intelligence that can control the motorcycle at any time. Thanks to an integrated geolocation system, the connected motorcycle alarm will allow you to find your motorcycle if someone tries to steal it.  Automatically connected to your smartphone, it reacts to the slightest movement of the motorcycle. Whether it falls or is lifted, you'll be alerted immediately. This anti-theft device works as soon as its owner leaves the vehicle thanks to a key fob with a wifi tag. Of course, being alerted in continuation without reason at the slightest jostle of your motorcycle would not be fun. It is therefore possible to configure the sensitivity of movements not authorised by the anti-theft device. The device then allows you to set the number of contacts at the end of which to receive an alarm.  Apart from its ability to be an excellent anti-theft device, this object also allows you to remember where you parked your motorcycle by easily finding it on your smartphone screen.

So, which device to choose and how?

Among the multitude of connected objects on the market, the essential characteristics to consider are reliability, practicality, installation and design.

Reliability and practicality

Long before wondering where to buy your connected device, go through the technical parts to determine the performance of the connected device you are about to acquire. At the same time, check its ease of installation and use. In the case of a connected headset, for example, you'll need to make sure the sound quality is good. It should have enough bass, a powerful enough volume, whether or not it has saturation. The duration of the battery is also a feature to consider to avoid that after a few hours you could not listen to your favorite music but especially in the case of using the GPS tracker, you could get lost in the middle of nowhere.

Installation and features

You must also pay attention to the installation, operation and various options of your future connected device. In the case of the connected anti-theft device, for example, the main feature you should see is whether it fits easily on the wheels of your motorcycle. But also see if it is easy to uninstall so that you can recharge it. And of course the battery life is always an important feature to see as it would be a shame if you steal your bike when your lock is discharged.

The design

When making a purchase one always starts to turn to a price comparator in order to be able to acquire the cheapest object on the market. However, cheap often does not mean design. Design can indeed have an important impact on the price of your new purchase, but sometimes it is better to keep an eye on the price in order to have a nice looking object. In the case of the connected motorcycle jacket, for example, the first feature you should consider is safety. Of course, you are looking for design, but above all the jacket should protect you in case you fall or slip. The material your jacket is made of will influence its design: leather, resistant to abrasion and protects the rider in case of a fall or slip, but it is also THE jacket for the motorcyclist. The jacket must have tabs to prevent wind from getting into your sleeves or inside your jacket.
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