GPS device for motorcycles: how to make the right choice?

Shockingly, seven out of ten owners still leave their two-wheelers unlocked in city parks. For many, they simply don't realize that a lock is so important. Some people don't care, insurance will cover it after all... Of course, motorcycle theft has been reduced thanks to police efforts in recent years, but it's still a problem you need to be aware of. Choosing the best GPS to track the bike can mean the difference between never seeing your bike again and getting it back in a few hours. The motorcycle GPS tracker can be mounted on the handlebars, fuel tank or windshield. This informative article will help you find the best motorcycle GPS for your specific riding needs.

What is motorcycle GPS?

The Global Positioning System or GPS was developed by the U.S. government. It consists of 24 satellites orbiting the planet and receiving signals from these satellites to use them to locate and track the location of a device with an accuracy of a few meters under optimal conditions. The motorcycle tracker uses several satellites to determine the location of their gadgets via triangulation models. This means that the more satellites the device can "see", the more accurate it will be at the location locations. Can you remember the times when you planned your route on a map? Today, everyone uses modern technology to get around the world. While many of them advocate the good old school, the majority use one of today's modern motorcycle GPS systems to get around. The best motorcycle GPS tracker units will help you get where you're going without being a nuisance or distraction. And the latest motorcycle GPS units have lane notifications, they can be attached to helmets or directly to your smartphone and can help you avoid dangerous motorcycle roads and detect your movements in real time. Don't rush and buy a motorcycle tracker based on one or two good reviews without having the opportunity to understand how it works. Spend some time comparing different makes and models on the Internet to determine which one suits you best. Here are the 4 key issues you need to ask yourself before you start your search for a Motorcycle GPS Tracker.

How it works

GPS devices are used to locate your motorcycle almost instantaneously, provided the one you are trying to locate has a device on it. You can track your machine in seconds, with the added hope of getting their GPS position in real time. The information you need can be sent to you via SMS or email or even via maps on any computer or smartphone you can access. This means you can track the time your fifth grader leaves school and arrives home. The connected motorcycle alarm also alerts you when the motorcycle tracker is outside your authorised area so that you can track the use of your motorcycle if your elderly parent is travelling outside their usual routes. When your teenager is out with friends and is in trouble, for example, there is also an SOS button that he or she can press to send an automatic alert to you or the police. In the event of theft, he can be found instantly and you can track his route via the GPS monitoring platform. On another note, there are also connection motorcycles that can give you real-time historical location information as long as you have access to the Internet.


How much money you have in your wallet or purse will obviously influence which models you will eventually consider! Once you've determined exactly what you're going to use the GPS tracker for, as well as the features you really need, you'll end up finding the best deal on a GPS. While most people assume that real-time solutions cost more than passive solutions, the truth is actually the opposite. The costs associated with passive and real-time GPS solutions are almost identical. With improved technology and infrastructure, the costs of real-time GPS devices have dropped significantly. Some also believe that the more features a GPS tracker has, the more expensive it will be. For most, cost really has nothing to do with accuracy. An expensive GPS tracker is not necessarily more powerful than a cheaper model. The only exceptions to this rule are GPS trackers that support wide area extension, which can be more accurate than electronic tracking devices that do not have these enhanced location capabilities.

GPS with intelligent alerts

Of course, a connected motorcycle is mainly about following the precise position of a person or object. But sophisticated and modern trackers provide a wealth of information when your monitoring objective includes safety, efficiency, location, time, movement, direction, speed, etc. Knowing whether or not boundaries have been crossed is crucial in choosing GPS trackers. To make sure you get the most out of tracking, get a device that will provide instant alerts if the device leaves a safety zone, goes off schedule, changes location, has an accident, violates speed limits, or breaks a motorcycle circuit. For example, if you wish to have a GSP tracker as a self-monitoring device, you should choose a motorcycle application that has 24/7 monitoring. Motion alerts let you know when a GPS tracker, regardless of whether it starts and stops tracking. You can choose to receive an alert by email or SMS as soon as motion is detected. This is an ideal type of alert if you just want to know that something is moving, rather than where it is or how fast it is moving.


What is the purpose of a tracking device when you cannot reach it with the intended tracking recipient? When choosing GPS trackers, battery life affects how the tracking device reports its information, so you need to make sure the bike will be usable for your lifestyle. There are portable, battery-powered GPS trackers with built-in motion sensors, so they will only be used with minimal power when not on the move. Then there are power banks, which can provide you with extra range and loads. However, battery life tends to vary and is somewhat of an inexact science. Most units can run for at least a week without recharging, but then again, they only last a very long time with an average usage of about 2 hours a day. However, you can power the trackers through your motorcycle's electrical system. This means that it is not necessary to recharge it when the batteries are low. These systems require quick and simple installation (usually takes less than half an hour) and the connected motorcycle box is completely invisible, so even the rider won't know it's there unless you tell him or her. You can extend the battery life of your tracker up to 1 year longer with the right accessories.
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