How to protect and connect your motorcycle?

The most worrying thing in France is the fact that a motorcycle is stolen every ten minutes and almost 86% of the thefts occur in urban areas. If you are an owner of a beautiful motorcycle, the question of protection against theft should be at the heart of your concerns. There are different types of motorcycle locks, but the most commonly used are mechanical locks such as disc locks, chain locks and heavy-duty locks. These locks are placed at wheel level to prevent the motorcycle from being driven. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of these means of protection is sometimes limited. There are now electronic solutions for theft prevention and enforcement. You will find vehicle location and warning devices based on GPS technology. Here is the effective solution to combat the theft of your motorcycle.

Why choose a motorcycle GPS tracker?

First of all, a motorcycle GPS tracker must meet a few of the criteria of a car tracker. Indeed, although the need for alerting and geolocation are common, it is preferable to use the smallest possible device. All motorcyclists know that the storage capacity on a two-wheeler decreases over time. This is particularly difficult if you have a sporty version of a motorcycle, or even the latest sporty roadsters. Space under the seat is very limited. So the motorcycle GPS tracker must be energy efficient and small. The most annoying thing is to be out of battery because of a motorcycle gps tracker or a connected motorcycle alarm. Choose a good motorcycle tracker that offers a good compactness and the same size as a classic USB key. Indeed, you can easily attach it to your motorcycle and store it under the seat or in the tool kit. Its autonomy varies according to the demands. You can count on the autonomy for several months without any problem with regular use. This tracker is delivered with a microphone cable to recharge it. You will also have the possibility to recharge it with a USB power cable on your battery when the bike is on. Either way, you will be warned by alarms when the battery level reaches 20%. Setting it up can't be easier thanks to the motorcycle app for smartphones. You download the application and configure the motorcycle tracker. After that, it's all done on your smartphone. To discover the best offer, click here.

A motorcycle GPS tracker: how does it work?

Thanks to a motorcycle tracker, you can trace on a map the places where you are during the day. Motorcyclists can guarantee the functionalities of this device because the geographical safety zone can be defined. Imagine that your motorcycle goes out of this border, your motorcycle tracker will alert you immediately by text message. Of course, you can interrogate the motorcycle tracker at any time to be aware of its position in real time. Currently, there are two ways of being able to send the necessary data, either via the internet or by SMS. Both methods are widely known and effective by all. However, the modes of operation are different. SMS is based on the very precise social networks known by the acronym GSM. Many models have this functionality. To send the SMS correctly, you must request it. It will be possible to request it. These are usually specific SMS messages containing certain data. Motion detection is another possibility to activate the sending of the position. The principle is simple, when the gps tracker detects that the motorcycle is moving, it will immediately send the necessary information to the registered numbers. This message will appear as a link. You can click on it and have two situations: the link connects to a specific application to open it and it opens a page of the Google Maps service. Then, you'll have all the information about the location in real time. On the other hand, for the internet part, few models are compatible. Of course, it is not necessary to invest in it.

A motorcycle GPS tracker: why should you want to equip yourself?

Today, the motorcycle is becoming a leisure object and very trendy. The prices do not stop increasing, which unfortunately increases the theft. Indeed, it is important to equip yourself with a tracker for your beautiful motorcycle for greater peace of mind. If your motorcycle is stolen, the tracker could offer you a better service. It is therefore necessary to install a GPS tracker for motorcycle. The locator box attached to the motorcycle can be accompanied by a remote control to activate the anti-theft device remotely. The geolocation data is sent using a paying SIM card. In the case of professional or regular monitoring, it is necessary to have the software that allows you to remotely follow the movement of the motorcycle. Choose a more efficient and high-performance motorcycle GPS tracker to protect your 2 wheels. You are immediately warned and this device informs you of its position in real time.

What are the criteria for choosing a motorcycle GPS tracker?

Not all bikers have the same expectations and each machine is different. Therefore, it is necessary to respect the following criteria to choose the motorcycle GPS tracker that suits you. First of all, the autonomy, you can select between the tracker connected to the battery and tracker not connected. Some motorcyclists do not want to be bothered with wires and want to use a motorcycle tracker connected, simple and convenient. Then you have to take into account the size of the motorcycle tracker according to the space allocated for its placement. So, if you are the owner of a sporty motorbike like the roadster, you must give priority to compactness. On larger bikes, such as custom or trail, you can opt for a slightly larger equipment. If you want a motorbike GPS tracker without subscription and you prefer a motorbike connection system with a SIM card, there are phone packages that allow you to reduce costs. Some people like to be able to visualize their journeys during the day and others want to define a security perimeter.

How do you determine the price of a motorcycle GPS tracker?

Just like televisions or telephones you can find motorcycle trackers at any price.  To acquire a correct motorcycle tracker, plan at least fifty euros. Don't forget that some devices require a SIM card and a telephone subscription. In addition, it may be more advantageous to buy a motorcycle gps tracker without a SIM card, it can be very expensive but does not require a subscription to operate. In general, for motorcycle gps tracking, the cost of the systems is the same as for systems dedicated to trucks or cars. The price depends on the data transmission system and the number of motorcycle geolocation beacons to be considered. Before purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker, first make a price comparison with certified vendors who offer quality products and comply with the current standard. Don't hesitate to consult the sellers' sites so that you can obtain information and opinions from consumers. This allows you to guarantee the reliability of the company selling this device.
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