New and used motorcycles: What you need to know

Buying a motorcycle should be done in a well thought-out way. You must take your time as it represents a significant investment. You have the choice between a new or used motorcycle. Here's what you need to know before you buy.

Which model and price

You can opt for a new or used motorcycle according to your desires. To make the right choice, determine the motorcycle model you need. The ideal motorcycle should match your age and its future use. Opt for a versatile motorcycle if you need to use your bike in the city and on the road. Buying a motorcycle requires a significant investment. If the new motorcycle is cheaper than the used one, you should take the time to compare prices. When buying a used motorcycle, choose motorcycles that are priced in line with the second-hand market.

The mileage of the motorcycle

When choosing a used motorcycle, mileage is something to watch closely. If the motorcycle of your choice has a lot of mileage, it proves that its owner has used it a lot. Choose a model with low mileage. But in the case of a road-type motorcycle, it makes sense that the motorcycle has high mileage. This type of motorcycle is designed to travel thousands of kilometres. Check the condition of the motorcycle to see if it's been mishandled a lot. High mileage can be just road riding, but it can also be off-road riding.

Motorcycle maintenance

Unlike new motorcycles, used models have been ridden a lot, resulting in mechanical problems or damage to the bike. To be sure that the motorcycle has been well maintained by its owner, do not hesitate to ask him/her for the maintenance that he/she has already done on the motorcycle. In fact, ask for the maintenance bills to make sure he has actually done them. Owners who take care of their motorcycles often keep their maintenance bills. However, check the condition of the motorcycle before you make the purchase. Call in an expert if you need to be sure the motorcycle isn't a wreck.
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